Why Should Men Carry Messenger Bags? 3 Answers To Convince You

Carrying bags around is typically seen as a woman’s thing but in today’s world, that simply isn’t so. Even men need to carry things from class to class or from home to work. That’s no excuse to not be fashionable however! You’ve still got to make sure that the bag suits your look and the environment you’re using it in. That said, here are all the reasons why a messenger bag might just suit your lifestyle:

1. Messenger bags resemble briefcases. That means the bag has a more masculine, businesslike look to it. You can use this bag casually and professionally as opposed to a backpack, which is relegated to the strictly casual. Gootium’s Canvas Leather Bag (Buy it on Amazon here) is a great example of a bag that would suit many purposes. The messenger bag does not look out of place in school, at work, or commuting between them both!

2. It’s super trendy right now. It’s not got quite the rigidity of the briefcase while still looking enough like it to look professional. The best part is that you’re not sacrificing practicality just to look fashion forward. So long as you’re not carrying a huge amount of things, it’s the perfect bag for the commuter on the go or even just the writer on the go to the next coffee shop.

3. Make sure to choose the perfect bag in every way. Neutrals are always a good bet when it comes time to choose the best go to bag for you. Gootium’s Canvas Leather Bag is perfect because it comes in three great neutral colors: khaki, grey, and coffee. Make sure to lengthen the strap so it hits you at the hip or below, unless you’re planning on crossing it over your shoulder.

Messenger bags are the perfect bag for guys because it combines style with sensibility. It’s a classic design that still looks fashion forward and is applicable to practically any situation. Look good and feel good with the right messenger bag!

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