What Lingerie To Buy For Her Body Type

We get it, guys, you’re not into fashion and the idea of different looks for different body types might seem pretty alien to you, but listen. If you’re going to gift her with some lingerie, it’s best to know what styles, colors, and materials to look for to make her feel as sexy as you know she is. Get the wrong size or style and you might just find yourself sleeping on the couch that night.

Remember, it’s not all about your reaction; she has to like it as well. The easiest place to shop is SgLingerie because it gives you the privacy needed to really browse your options. Here are a few rules and tips for you to memorize before you venture out into shopping:

If she’s tall:

Stockings and garter belts will accentuate her long legs. The stockings will draw the eyes upward and the garter belts draw the eye sideways, making you and her appreciate her curves.

If she has a big bust:

Corsets are the go to sexy clothes for the well-endowed ladies because it supports and frames her chest in a very attractive manner. Think about it this way: it’s like picking a high quality picture frame for a fantastic piece of art.

If she’s plus sized:

Negligee or baby doll lingerie sets can really make women look great because they flow away from the body. Just remember that darker colors are slimming on most people so pick a rich color that suits her. Be sure to pick one that suits her coloring and if you’re not sure what colors to pick, have a look at her wardrobe to see what colors she commonly wears. Odds are it’s because those colors make her look and feel great.

The best place to find a wide range of brands and types of lingerie has to be to SgLingerie. They offer next day delivery and if you sign up, you get a 10% discount on your next purchase.

The key thing to remember is that she needs to like the lingerie. After all, she’s going to wear it. Buy a silk robe to go with the gift. That way if she’s self-conscious, it will be easier for her to wear and the silk will feel sinful against her skin. No matter what features you think are her best, she might have another idea. If she’s happy with how it looks on her, that’s more important than anything else.

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