Owl Timeclock – Biometric Hand Punch Supplier

When it comes to running a business, there are few people you can actually trust when it comes to monitoring your employees. However, nothing eliminates doubt like the Biometric Hand Punck with Clock in the Box Pro from Owl Timeclock.

As a specialized Biometric Hand Punch Supplier, Owl Timeclock understands the need of business owners, such as yourself, to put an end to “buddy punching”. The biometric hand punch is integrated in both the Clock in the Box and Time Q Plus Time and Attendance Systems.

With is invaluable help, you can verify and authenticate the identity of each an every singe one of your employees in a highly accurate manner. In addition to that, you will save both time and money spent on managing swipe cards.

Yet another benefit offered by this Biometric Hand Punch Supplier through these systems consists of the fact that security is enhanced and “buddy punching” is completely eliminated. Your employees will not be able to skip a task or run late without you finding out, which is very likely to result in higher productivity levels.

Check out Owl Timeclock’s innovative devices and systems now and let go of the useless stress of having to control your workforce at all times.

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