La Salita Cafe – Live Music In Puerto Rico

As you may already know, Puerto Rico is considered by many to be one of the most heavenly places in the world. If you have already visited the island, you know that this is an undeniable truth. Nevertheless, the magic of Puerto Rico is based in the fact that the island has somehow managed to maintain its genuine and authentic original Boricua culture alive.

Over the past centuries, states and annexed territories have gradually lost their traditions and cultural characteristics. This island in the Caribbean, however, continues to remain a major exception and this is, maybe, one of the most important reasons why it still charms people of all ages from across the world.

If you plan to visit the island anytime soon, you should know that this is a wonderful idea and one that you should pursue. Live music in Puerto Rico is nothing like you have ever experienced. It is this affirmation that brings us to the purpose of this brief article, which is acquainting you with a unique place where music, culture and art are at home.


It is the love and respect for Poetry, Art and traditional sounds of Puerto Rico that has led Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet to found La Salita Café. She has understood that the local artists need to be backed when they find themselves facing the present globalization phenomenon that is characteristic to modern society.

La Salita Café fights for Puerto Rico’s authenticity by promoting local artists and live music. Bomba and plena artists are at home in this exquisite establishment and they promise to entertain you, so that you will spread the word about this venue. Jessica Muñoz-Vuillet is a Proud Boricua and she imagined La Salita Café as a nest for poets, lovers of art and live music, where you can allow your heart to indulge in this true artistic community whilst sharing in indigenous delight.

La Salita Café is Puerto Rico’s latest spoken word, poetry, live music and open mic café. The sheer magic of La Salita Café resides in the truth that you can glide away from your worries by enjoying live performances from very talented Puerto Rican artists. One of the main purposes of this establishment is to discover, showcase and launch local emerging Puerto Rican talent.

The management of La Salita Café has made it its mission to empower and foster the talented artists of Puerto Rico. Besides, the café welcomes new talents who want to show the world what they can do. La Salita Café continuously strives to revive traditional Puerto Rican music and by doing this, it makes sure that the Taino culture blossoms like never before.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that the values that lye at the heart of La Salita Café are community, dialogue and culture.

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