Innovative And Interactive Online English Lessons and Language Exchange

If you have to start learning English, because your job requires you to do so, then there is absolutely no need to turn this necessity into a tedious task. As a matter of fact, learn English online by having fun and you will see that the entire process will take a lot less than you might have origially expected it to.

Yes, at you can now practice language exchange and play with the WordExplainer – an innovative application that allows people to learn English online by playing a simple, yet incredibly educational game. You can play in teams to learn a foreign language, such as English in this instance. Practice your language skills through explaining and guessing words with other people in your team.

After the game has been completed, your explanations will be reviewed and corrected by native speakers. There is no easier and faster way to learn English online than by playing this language exchange game with the WordExplainer.

Simply log in with your Facebook or Twitter account and start learning English online – the easy and fun way!

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