Maximemo Review – Social Bookmarking Tool And Online Reminder

Most of us would like to store our notes and photos in a safe place where the risk of losing them simply does not exist. However, the general tendency is to continue storing data on removable storage devices, such as external hard drives and USB flash drives. The fact that this is not the best idea is known by everybody. There are dozens of things that could happen and your data will be lost. Chances are, this has happened to you already, at least once.

Now what if you could store the thing you love on a safe online reminder and community organizer? Well, for starters, you could rest assured that your data is safe and cannot be lost. Second, you would be able to share certain things, depending on your personal choice, with other people. Read on to find out what the Maximemo community reminder is all about.

Maximemo is a highly intuitive online tool that allows its registered users t store their data, notes and almost everything they want. This reminder allows you to write notes, organize them and even share these notes, along with links, captivating articles and images with whoever you want to. The website is unique in the niche, as it offers a variety of other features that are not available on other similar platforms.

Yet another perk of Maximemo is the fact that you can share anything you want, such as your notes, with anyone you want to. Because Maximemo is so versatile, you can share your notes on your favorite social networks as well. As a following, you will also be able to see other members’ notes, which means that you can find more interesting things and info.

Aside from that, it should be noted that you only share what you want to share. You can use the blue tabs to make certain notes accessible to everyone, whereas the red ones are designed to keep your notes private and visible only for you.

After you found your way around the Maximemo reminder, you can also look for topics that were created by other members. Should it happen that you find something that is of interest to you, the next step is quite obvious: You can subscribe. When you subscribe to a particular topic, you will know when new info is added to that topic.

Saving the best for last, Maximemo is completely free, so you can register anytime you want, without incurring the risk of ever having to pay for something.

Create Greeting Cards With PixTeller

Greeting cards are an awesome way to spread the word about something, regardless of whether it is a marketing message or a life quote. The whole thing about greeting cards is that they are so much fun, especially if you use PixTeller to create them.

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As a matter of fact, PixTeller is also a social media platform where you will get the change to meet fantastic new people, see their greeting cards and even edit them into your own. With PixTeller it is easy and fun to create greeting cards and beautiful posters.

SO, go ahead and register your free account at PixTeller and start creating greeting cards and poster that will go viral as soon as you share them with your friends or targeted audience.