Don’t Allow Anyone To Handle Your Business Website

The long and short of it is that if it exists on the Internet or is electronic, it can be hacked. Hackers by and large do it either for profits or revenge. Unfortunately in my case I ended up angering a company after I complained. That company I hired off of Craigslist (I know BIG mistake) ended up putting a virus in my website that sent my customers to a hacking website.

That’s the death knell for any business because customers will not shop where they feel their data is at risk. The good news is that I did some Googling and found They led me to a company called Tilden Tasks, who managed to remove the virus completely. Whew!

Tilden Tasks are a legitimate WordPress Site support company. They do pretty much any task that you can imagine your website might need. WordPress can get pretty confusing and you want that website to be the online face for your business. That means it needs to be good and Tilden Tasks can help.

They’ve got an amazing support team that answer emails quickly. You’ll never feel like you’re being given the runaround when you come to them with questions. They’re experts on WordPress and how to get the most out of it for your business. Letting them do the major work will take a load off of any businessperson’s mind.

Of course, any good businessperson will be asking right about now how much this will cost. Thankfully Tilden Tasks realizes that there are different budgets in play here, so they’ve arranged a three tier system so that every business can come and get the benefit of their expertise.

Their Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus tiers have different advantages but they all get that wonderful Tilden Tasks attention for your WordPress site. Put your website in their hands and you’ll never have to worry!

Reasons To Hire A Social Media Manager

Any business in operation today has to have a social media presence and plan to reach an audience on social media. It’s become a vital part of any marketing plan to pick which platforms to operate on, the style or voice of posts, and how best to reach potential customers.

However, focusing on social media strategy can be to the detriment of actually running your business! When that happens, hiring a social media expert might be the best idea and here are some reasons why:

A Social Media Consultant Can Oversee Multiple Platforms At Once

Having one dedicated person or team working on your social media presence provides a consistent voice across many channels. The best part is that it lets you focus on actually running the business instead of constantly keeping up with Facebook and other platforms. People following your company’s social media outlets will enjoy more attention being paid to their comments when there is a team dedicated to maintaining each platform.

Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Make no mistake: your competitors all have dedicated people, teams, and consultants who are constantly updating various social media outlets in a bid to get the attention of your customers. Think about the little time you would have to dedicate to posting on social media and analyzing the interest of viewers when your followers want content far more often.

Hiring social media pros like Social Media Fuze and Social Media Expert team is good business sense because they can focus on your customers and what they’d like to see online. What’s more, they can analyze trends and advise you as to what platforms your business should be on.

They Can Be Your Brand Ambassador

It’s important to hire the right social media manager because they become the face of your brand for many of your customers. Viral hits are all well and good but you need to be able to trust the pros to handle all the between times as well. Creating witty content in the voice indicative of your business is what the social media managers are experienced in doing for your business.

Sell Live Online Consultations And Make Money With Yondo

In today’s world, the Internet allows you to reach audiences you would never have dreamed of having before. Education, consultation, and advice can all be handled via a wonderful platform called Yondo that expands your audience reach even farther. It’s convenient and allows for customization while also being friendly for any platform customers want to use it with.

Your customers can book live 1-to-1 video consultations via a great scheduling setup that adheres exactly to the schedule you set and it even syncs with your Google calendar so that you have it on the go.

When the time comes after you sell live online consultations to actually give the consultation, both you and your client can access the video call in your browser. Clients can even purchase consultation packages crafted by you, the creator.

Yondo provides even more customization for the wide-ranging video enthusiast. You can sell your videos or sell your webinars in addition to live online group classes. After you sell online group classes, you can even record the webinars to offer on Yondo.

Then you can set the length of time clients have access to the videos depending upon whether they rent the video or pay for a subscription. You’re allowed to control pretty much everything when it comes to the source of your revenue streams on Yondo.

They even make it easy for you to make money! Yondo works with the Stripe payment platform so that customers can use practically any credit card worldwide in order to access your videos. All you really need to do is to focus on creating content that people want to see.

All it takes is to set up your storefront on Yondo exactly how you want either on a domain of your own choosing or one of their subdomains. It’s all possible when you have a great platform like Yondo to share the fruits of your labor via video on demand.

Web Agency In Toronto Helps Businesses Succeed Online

Businesses rely on continually getting new customers in order to meet and surpass sales goals. One of the best ways to do that is to make a nicely designed website and have that website rise in page ranking on major search engines.

According to WebDComp, a Web Agency in Toronto, page ranking is the order in which a search engine rates the relevancy to someone’s search terms. The way to rise in page ranking is to utilize Search Engine Optimization tactics (SEO).

Content is King

The first and easiest way to make sure your website gets higher in page ranking is to make sure there is content referencing your product or business. Many businesses do this nowadays by creating a company blog on a related topic.

For example, a photography website could create a blog about the history of photography or tips for preparing for a photoshoot. The more pages or posts you create, the more search engines will index relevant content for your site.

Build Links

SEO also relies on legitimate and relevant backlinks from other sites to your website. An easy first step would be to search for mentions of your product on blog sites and if there is not a link there, ask the creator if they might include a link to your website.

Secondly, you might also contact blogs related to the general area of your business to see if they could review your product or include a mention on a list related to your business.

Hire a Web Agency in Toronto like WebDComp

Amateur forays into Search Engine Optimization can only go so far. The world of SEO is highly complicated and to truly see a significant rise in page ranking, you should look into hiring the experts like WebDComp who will know exactly what to do. Doing so will not only accomplish what you need to do, it will save you a lot of time and effort that you could be spending on focusing on your business instead!

Website Maintenance And Updating Services In The UK

Business owners have a lot on their hands to keep a good business afloat. In today’s world, it’s required to have a website for potential customers and clients to visit before they appear at your brick and mortar store. Websites give a sense of reliability to any business so that the customer trusts you have a legitimate business for them to patronize.

That means keeping that website up and working should be a very important part of any business plan. However, that takes time and as a business owner, you already have a huge demand on your time as it is. The solution is to hire a company to do website maintenance and website updating in the UK.

Website Maintenance companies like FusionSoft offer a plethora of services to make owning a website easier. It just makes sense to bring in professionals who know what they’re doing as it will save you time in the end.

Web Maintenance makes sure a website is up and running as well as making sure to spot any potential problems before it brings the website down. If your website goes down, you lose potential customers and sales.

Qualified companies know how to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization, which is the process by which your website becomes search engine friendly. SEO helps your website rise in page rankings when people search for certain terms on the Internet. Most people only click on links that are on the first page of any search they make so it’s vital for a website to get as high as possible on the list.

A good website updating company will also provide Magento support and wordpress support because everyone who is anyone online today has a blog along with their website. They’ll focus on website updating and rooting out the errors that would sink a website and cause it to stop working.

They’re experts in their field and know a lot more about what errors to look for than you do so it makes sense to hire someone for website maintenance in the UK.

Why Web Hosting Is Important For Your Business

Business owners have a lot on their minds when it comes to starting a new venture. One of the last things you might think of is choosing the right webhost for your brand new website. It can end up being one of the most important choices you make however.

Websites need to be reliable and usable for potential clients, and it also shows those clients that you’re a real business. With more businesses using their websites and blogs to find business, a reliable web host is vital. Here are a few reasons why the right webhost is important for any business:

Reliability: Finding a secure web host means your website stays up and running when search engines come to figure out your page ranking. It’s really just practical. If your website is down due to a faulty web host, you can’t receive visits from people who will become your future customers.

Security: A website that is up and running consistently also shows customers that it’s a secure place to enter any financial details when making a purchase. They’ll even feel comfortable just giving your website their email address if they know it won’t be shared with bots.

Clearly finding quality web hosting with reliable servers is vital to business success. Host.AG is a high-end dedicated server provider that views their service as a partner to your endeavors.

Their dedicated servers are available at several different price points, depending upon the needs specific to your business, and they offer a free migration service. Host.AG also provides 24/7 technical assistance so when there is technical trouble, they can help you out of it. Save yourself the hassle of a bad web host!

In this day and age, a website is essential to success. It’s the first storefront most of your visitors will ever see after all. Making sure that your website is in tiptop shape and running all the time lies in part with the selection of a quality web host so it’s important to make sure you’ve chosen the right one!

Amazon Shopping – Ways to Find the Best Deals

Amazon has become universal with shopping online but the world’s leading e-commerce website is huge. Almost everything can be found on this website that you could even think of buying.

Right now, people who are struggling financially can consider becoming an Amazon affiliate in order to make commissions on selling Amazon products. Finding deals are vital to increased sales so how do you find the best deals on Amazon in order to inform people who might buy things through you? By setting up an Amazon RSS feed.

Manually going through deals takes way too much time out of your day but putting an RSS feed on your website or blog will help automatically seek out the best deals for certain products on Amazon. You can even customize the feed for certain regions and products that are best selling, at the lowest price, and how relevant they are to your website.

Using a site like aFeeds makes getting the needed code for an Amazon RSS feed easy. Combining RSS feeds with PHP and MySQL can create even better results. Once the feed is added to your website, it will automatically market the product with no more interference on your part. It’s easy and convenient and now visitors to your website can get the best Amazon deals possible for as broad a topic as you want!

It’s all easy and convenient while also increasing your profits that you can make from the Amazon affiliate program. Try a custom Amazon RSS feed on your website today!

The Pros and Cons of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a fresh trend in website design introduced in 2011 and raising controversies ever since. This approach has its advantages, as well as some difficult to ignore drawbacks, so you should consider them all, before you make the final decision.

The Advantages of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling opens the doors to new possibilities, which were not available before. You can present your products in 3D and engage your customers by allowing them to interact with your products.

Parallax scrolling design is more interesting, memorable and creative. It can be used to guide visitors through your website, tell a story about your products or to encourage your customers to assume more active approach. Due to its interactive solutions, parallax scrolling is commonly used by retailers and entrepreneurs representing the gaming and entertainment industry.

Another advantage of parallax scrolling is the ability to display all content on one page, which makes navigation a lot easier.

The Downsides of Using Parallax Scrolling

If all of it sounds too good to be true, it is probably because the decision to use parallax scrolling in Magento store development is indeed a risky move. First of all, parallax scrolling can severely slow down your website, because all these animations take more time to load than simple 2D graphics.

Secondly, parallax scrolling is not the most mobile friendly approach among them all: this standard is not supported by all popular browsers and might be difficult to display on some mobile devices. You have to be aware that it takes a lot of practice and expertise to design a parallax scrolling website, which is truly functional.

The general conclusion: if you would like to use parallax scrolling, do it in moderation in order to not slow down your website and to make sure that it can be viewed on different devices.

Where To Get Royalty Free Vector Images

Images described by geometrical shapes, such as circles, squares and triangles are called, as you may already know – vector images. Given the fact that these geometrical figures are precise mathematical descriptors of an image, vector images can be scaled up and never give off that annoying blurry or pixelated look, as is the case of regular, bitmap images, for example.

On one hand, vector images would be the choice of any web designer who wants his/hers website/s to really stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, vector image creation and web design are not the same thing. This is why you might want to have someone experienced create these vectors for you. However, this leads to another expense, reason for which most web designers choose to ignore this important aspect that eventually leads to a sloppy final result.

It is true that vector image creation can be expensive. Still, you can avoid the ‘insufficiently polished’ look on your website as there are solutions out there than you can employ. One of the cheapest and best ways to get your hands on vector images is by downloading them from The Vector Spot.

With an almost limitless resource of Royalty Free Vectors, this outstanding website makes its contents available for both personal and commercial use. Moreover, its contents are carefully categorized in order to make your experience of browsing extremely intuitive and easy.

As a web design specialist, surely, you must know how frustrating it is to waste hours and hours ‘scavenging’ the Web for images that you can make us of in web and graphic design projects. Such endeavor will undoubtedly be nothing but a loss of valuable time if you are not taking into consideration the vector factor.

By simply accessing this vast vector library – The Vector Spot – you can make better use of your time and avoid the inherent frustration. In order to have it at hand, simply bookmark this website and you will have access whenever you wish to high-quality vector images.

All the graphics that The Vector Spot puts at your disposal are editable in Adobe Illustrator so you can adjust them to your preference. Furthermore, the images can be scaled to any size.

Accessing the library costs you only $10, which makes it more than affordable given the little time and effort you need to spend in order to find quality content on this amazing resource that serves as a mecca for graphic and web designers all over the world!

Audio And Video Transcription Tool From Scribie

If you ever had to trasncribe a video or audio file, you know that this can prove to be quite a daunting task. Experienced transcribers need about 4 to 6 hours to transcribe one hour of video. You can make your life a whole lot easier by using the transcription editor offered by Scribie. This tool displays both the audio file and the transcript document in a single window, thus facilitating the entire process.

You can control the audio player via keyboard shortcuts and you’ll love that the text editor is fully featured. There are various supported audio formats, such as Mp3, Wav, Wma and many others. The same goes for supported video formats. You can upload Wmv, Avi, Flv files and various oher popular formats.

If you are a fast typer, don’t worry, as this audio transcription tool also has an auto-correct feature that will save you a lot of time. In a ddition to that, there is no risk of losing your work, thanks to the auto-save feature.

You can then download your file as a Word document, but PDF, ODT and TXT formats can also be chosen.