Bracelets For A Cause – What Knots For Change Stands For

So many people and animals need help in the world today, and humanitarian aid organizations are in great need of funds to meet that need. That said, everyone has a cause near and dear to their hearts and minds.

For some, they care about feeding those who cannot afford food. For others, they might feel for the plight of homeless animals or those animals surrendered to overcrowded shelters. Whatever charity you feel the most passion for is the one you should support as much as possible.

After all, donating to charity makes a positive change in the world and your generosity ends up making you feel good as well. There are many different ways you can support those organizations. You can raise funds through bake sales or fun runs. You could offer your time as well. However, if you’re in need of gifts, particularly for socially minded people, you might consider Knots For Change.

Knots For Change is a company who makes high quality nylon bracelets in variety of colors that is joined together with a metallic anchor. The variety of colors of the bracelet and the three options of metals for the anchor clasp reflects different concepts such as growth, learn, courage, and hope.

When you purchase one of the bracelets, the company donates 30% of their profits to one of several charities that they’ve formed partnerships with. You can even support multiple charities by buying more than one bracelet and giving them to families and friends!

It’s really a gorgeous way to support the charities that you care about the most. The sad fact is that over 73 million people find themselves in need of humanitarian aid and there are 5 homeless animals for every one homeless person.

Animals who are not on the streets are forced into crowded shelters and at risk of euthanasia unless no kill shelters rescue them. The hungry, the homeless, and at risk animals all need the help of aid organizations that get funds from Knots for Change. Shopping has never made you feel so good because you know part of that money is going directly to charities you regularly support.

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