Bitcoin Ticker Recently Added On CNN Money

Not so very long ago, websites that specialize in financial matters were still quite reticent in regard to bitcoin. Nevertheless, over the past few years, things have gradually changed and now the number of financlian institutions that are familiar with bitcoins is growing steadily, due to the fact that they understand the many benefits that come with this virtual currency. CNN Money has also recently added a service related to bitcoin on its own website.

In spite of CNN Money not taking bitcoin into consideration until now, a page for bitcoin has recently been added by the platform – in fact, it is quite similar to the other currencies it considers. Now you can gain access to a price chart for bitcoin that is updated on a daily basis. At the same time, you will be able to read news that relates to bitcoin; everything on the very same page.

This is nothing else than a consequence of a change in the bitcoin strategy. It is also because of the publishing of “Bitcoin and the future of money” – a book written by a CNN Money specialist. Presently, the book is seen as one of the best on the topic and proves once again that CNN provides high value in the financial sector.

Nevertheless, how good can bitcoins be on the XBT is something that remains unknown. At the time being, there is only one method that one can make use of and it refers to trading bitcoin on exchange markets that are highly reputable. On the other hand, it appears that a new solution will soon become available – that of trading bitcoin on the EFT market.

It appears that CNN Money is regarding bitcoin as a stock that is suitable for investing and similar activities. There is one thing for sure though: Bitcoin couldn’t be farther from being a stock. This simply isn’t true.

An individual bitcoin platform may have some resemblance with the stock market, such as for instance being able to perform various market acquisitions and investing into things that you want in order to make the best profit, but the reality is that you can use bitcoin to buy a variety of other things as well, which is something you will appreciate, without any doubt whatsoever. It is good to know that stock does not enable you to buy products from a supermarket or even online, whereas with bitcoin you can do that and even more.

These are the facts that make bitcoin so important on today’s market and they are also the reason for which the bitcoin service was introduced on CNN Money.

To sum it all up, it seems that CNN Money considers that bitcoin is currency that deserves to be taken into consideration. Therefore, you can be sure that this will have an impact on the investments market as well. The number of venture capitalists and corporate investors who are looking at the bitcoin platform as a means to increase their profits is growing by the day.

Nevertheless, it is not very probable for the XBT price to grow. Even though the bitcoin platform is experiencing a new peak at the present moment, it is not foreseeable whether or not it will be as good in the future. That’s an answer that only time can give us.

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